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Window Tinting in Minnesota

There are many benefits to tinting your car windows. A tint can lessen the intensity of sun glare and heat, and help keep your interior from fading. We offer a lifetime window tinting warranty that protects against all of the following:

  • Peeling
  • Cracking
  • Adhesive Failure
  • De-metalization
  • De-lamination

Our tinting film provides excellent optical clarity while reducing day and nighttime glare. Colors stay sharp and crisp, and there is no chipping or peeling.

All of our products are backed by the strongest warranties in the business.

Our Window Tint Films Provide

Safety & Security

In the event that your car is broken into or in the case of an accident, don’t let glass breakage happen to you. Our high quality automotive grade window tints will help hold all the morsels of window glass together – keeping you and your passengers safe.

Exterior Look

Our window tint films add a cool look to any car or truck. There are a variety of different shades available. The darker the tint, the harder it is for people to see you. Remember that some very dark tints are illegal in the state of Minnesota. Please check with Minnesota local and state laws before deciding on a tint.

Interior Fading

Window tinting helps stop interior fading. Window tint is like sunscreen for your vehicle. It helps prevent deterioration by shielding your interior leather, vinyl, and fabric from the sun. In addition it will help keep you cool and comfortable in the hot Minnesota summer months.

Glare & Heat

Would you like to cut the intense glare and uncomfortable heat while driving? Increased comfort will begin as soon as your tint film is installed on the side and back windows. This will significantly reduce heat and eye-straining glare while driving and enhance your driving style!

Bring your vehicle in to Affordable Auto Glass for the expert, personal care our customers have known for years. Your satisfaction is our reputation!